150 Year of the Salvation Army

Date Posted:1 July 2015 

150 Year of the Salvation Army main image 150 Year of the Salvation Army image

As someone who has seen first hand the work the Salvation does here in Australia I am more than proud to stock the first coin ever to pay homage to the great work they do with the poor, sick and disadvantaged in our community.  The Royal Mint has produced a £5 Brilliant Uncirculated and a Silver Proof £5 Alderney Coin.  With only 1,500 of the Silver Proof issued worldwide it is no surprise that these coins have already sold out.  The Salvation Army began in 1865 as the Christian Revival Society and soon after was called the East London Christian Mission, preaching to the poor and underprivileged its founder William Booth started offer basic schooling, penny banks, soup kitchens and relief aid to the destitute.  Booth's wife Catherine was also a brilliant preacher and a major influence in the direction the army was taking.  In 1878 the name was changed to The Salvation Army, Booth was perusing a printer's proof which referred to the Christian Mission as a 'volunteer army' he changed the word from volunteer to Salvation and this was the birth of one of the world's finest and only military based christian charity organisation. 

Both coins are now in stock.

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