The Tiger Shark has a reputation for being one of the ocean’s most formidable hunters, prowling the world’s tropical and temperate waters. They are commonly found in shallow coastal waters but have been spotted swimming up to 250m deep! Characterised by the distinctive vertical stripes that cover the sides of its body and a blunt head containing a powerful jaw. The tiger shark’s mouth is packed full of serrated teeth with dramatic notch tips that point sideways – allowing it to shear through flesh and bone easily. Reaching lengths of at least 5.5 meters, the tiger shark is the second-largest predatory shark in the world!

This 1oz 99.99% PURE SILVER Tuvalu legal tender coin, struck by the Perth Mint, definitely does this marine monster justice with a lifelike depiction on a large 40.90mm flan. The attention to detail is heightened by Digital Colour Minting, making it a work of art. There’s so much to love, and fear, about this coin. Another brilliant aspect is the reverse border, featuring the tiger shark’s ferocious jaw, lined with realistic serrated teeth casting shadows, creating a scintillating 3D effect!


SKU 67436
Brand Downies

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