The quokka is a Western Australian icon that is strongly associated with Rottnest Island near Perth. The idyllic holiday location is home to thousands of quokkas which, in the age of social media, have become the subjects of must-have ‘selfies’. Small, wallaby-like creatures that are not intimidated by humans, they have a cute and smiley appearance.

Struck from 1oz of 99.99% pure silver, this coin portrays a quokka on a beach with a lighthouse in the background. Standing on its hind legs, the herbivorous marsupial is eating its preferred diet of leaves. Included in the design is the inscription QUOKKA and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.


SKU 36931
Brand Perth Mint

Perth Mint Silver Bullion Quokka

By: on 15 February 2021
This is an interesting addition to other designs in the silver bullion range. The quokka is part of the kangaroo family but it is distinctly different and only situated on Rottnest Island near Perth W.A. Coin is minted in 99.99% silver and is 1oz in weight. Being a bullion coin, it is only available in the clear plastic coin case and it fits in well with my other bullion coins. Now, I do not know if purchasing silver bullion is a good investment but that is not the reason for getting it. I really just like the design and the smiley face of the quokka beaming back to me.

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